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My experiences so far with sharing my product knowledge with others.
June 2022

FH Wedel

External speaker for the 2022 cohort of the course Strategic IT Management at the FH Wedel.

Since February, 2021

Scaler Academy

Delivered 6 sessions in an all-round module on Product Management for senior engineers at cohorts of 50+ members.

Looking for a speaker?

In my opinion, Product Management is a discipline, not a job description.

I teach product management to execs, engineers, product managers, and those who wish to enter the field. These are my experiences so far.

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Since May, 2021

Agile Coach

Ongoing guest teacher to bring product management principles to classes of scrum masters and business analysts

Since October, 2020

PM School

I am a resident teacher with PM School, owning the Product OKRs and Agile module, as well as recording 80+ short videos for the entire curriculum.

January, 2021

How to Build Products that Scale

Conversation with Net Solutions about developing resilient products.

Since March, 2021

General Assembly Malaysia

Part of the expert pool at General Assembly, engaging in teaching product management through online programs.

What do they say about me?

Here are some of the testimonials from the product institutions that I've worked with thus far.

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February, 2020

Product School

Gave a talk for the Product School Singapore community on Getting the Job Done with Little Resources

September, 2020

Crazy Product Asia

Joined in a talk with Kit about how to get started in product management based on my own experience coming from a background in Biology.

Since February, 2021


Part of a selected group of mentors for the Digital Innovation Hub Youth Founder Mentoring Programme, working with young Startup founders

2021 Cohort

Founder Institute

Part of the 2021 cohort as a mentor, providing feedback to Founders' pitches, mentoring, and giving sessions on product management.

Since September, 2020


Having regular monthly check-ins with 3 mentees and open for further one-time consultancy across various topics in product management.

September, 2020

PM Huddle

Talking about the three P's of organizational success to identify areas of improvement for yourself or your product team.

March, 2021

Launchpad BITS

Launchpad is an entrepreneurial summit organized by the students at BITS Pilani Hyderabad. I joined to share about Product Management

September, 2020

World of Webinar

World of Webinars list and organizes webinars from across the world on varied topics.

October, 2020

Cognitive Links

I was a featured speaker at the Chief Product Officer Virtual 2020 conference.