January 15, 2021

Product Strategy for Mindvalley.com

Practical assignment for when I was applying for product management roles in 2019 and interviewing for Mindvalley.

When I was applying for product management roles in 2019 I was interviewing for Mindvalley.

As part of the process they gave me a practical assignment.

Click here to see my case study in full or scroll down to see the context and some excerpts.


Mindvalley is a global school of 3+ million people and we produce some of the world’s top training for peak human performance and mindfulness.

We have two major personas or customer avatars:

  • An educated woman in her 35-40s, she has kids, is interested to unleash her potential, to improve herself in all dimensions - from health to career, to relationships.
  • A successful man, interested to reach peak performance at work and impact the world, to find fulfilment and to live their purpose.

The format of our online programs is the Mindvalley Quest - it’s delivered in the format of small-bite size daily content (5-20 mins), with a community studying together in a single cohort over a fixed time period. It’s available via a responsive web interface and native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The masterclass is our major marketing model, it’s our way to launch new quests to our existing 3-million email list. Every second week we have a free masterclass, we announce it to our audience through a focused email campaign, and students who attend the Masterclass will receive an email based sales funnel. This strategy is proven to generate revenue and a similar model is used to acquire new leads by inviting them to watch Masterclass to later sell a more traditional one off course.

At the moment the masterclass is delivered via a separate platform, so users have to sign up again every time they want to watch a new masterclass. It’s custom platform for Mindvalley masterclasses, that has all the components to deliver a masterclass - the ability to build landing and sales pages, signup with options to watch masterclass (immediately or choose suitable time), video player, order menu dropdown, email behavioural sequences and a statistics module.

But because our company is shifting towards user-centric approach, we would like to bring masterclasses inside our Learning platform (home.mindvalley.com)

User-centric - Business objectives:

  • To improve user experience, make it more user-friendly and seamless by providing ability to watch masterclass within the Mindvalley Learning Platform.
  • Adapt launch formula and optimise current marketing model to make it more user-centric
  • Increase number of Monthly Active Users and Weekly Active Users by 40% utilising bi-monthly masterclasses as free valuable content for engagement
  • In addition to it, all the stakeholders believe that it will increase Revenue Per User by 20% as an outcome of increased engagement.

As Product Manager you need to create a vision and a realistic roadmap to achieve this vision and align this vision with stakeholders (and of course get their buy-in and support).  


  • What would be your product vision (you can use any format, e.g. elevator pitch, lean startup, SWOT analysis or any other product vision templates, method or description)?
  • Provide high-level user stories for the entire product
  • Provide a product roadmap with key milestones / versions and if possible time estimates
  • What KPIs would you track to define the successful delivery/adoption of this product?
  • Design the strategy to increase number of Weekly Active Users utilising Masterclasses
  • Outline the strategy to increase Revenue per User by 20%?

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