February 2, 2021

Product Strategy for Fave

Practical assignment for when I was applying for product management roles in 2019 and interviewing for Mindvalley.

When I was applying for product management roles in 2019 I was interviewing for Fave.

As part of the process they gave me a practical assignment.

Click here to see my case study in full or scroll down to see the context and some excerpts.


Area: Acquisition Strategy for Customers



a. Data & critical analysis - Your ability to analyse the data available to you and draw insights from it to form a strategy

b. Product sense & roadmapping - Your product ideas & road-mapping along with prioritisation and resourcing of those ideas

Secondary - Your UX (mockup skills) and user empathy (visual communication of your product ideas)


You are the PM for Fave's consumer team. Your team's goal is double new customers on Fave. Your challenge, is to chart a 1-quarter roadmap with at least 2 key action items on our acquisition plan for new customers. Action items could be entirely revolutionary or to address the key user pain points in our platforms (web and app). In your plan, highlight how this could bring impact to our users.

Some tips that may help:

1) Explore the Fave web and app platforms to understand our core product lines. Understand our value prop and our customers today.

2) Understand the mobile commerce and payments landscape in the region we operate. Today, we operate in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

3) Identify the problems that Fave users and potential users face today, why would it be important to solve.

4) Feel free to utilise any format you prefer for this challenge, eg Paper doc, PowerPoint presentation etc. Include any market analysis, supporting data, wireframes (optional) of your product recommendation if required. We value being concise as a PM, the simpler the better.

My case study

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