July 25, 2021

Converting website visitors to app downloads

Fave's website has not been changed in years. While today most of users are on the mobile app, Fave still maintaining our web presence. Due to the low impact, it had never been prioritized and accumulated a few bottlenecks:

We decided to launch a new website that is seemingly less powerful (in the number of features):

  • You cannot buy deals
  • You cannot create an account
  • You cannot discover shops around you

Why would we do that?

The problem

Our website has been with us since the very first day. While today most of our users (>90%) use our mobile app to transact via Fave, we are still maintaining our web presence. Due to the low impact, we never prioritized improving on or building new features for the website. Over time, we accumulated the following bottlenecks:

  • Fave does not have an official company page
  • The current landing page is only about Deals
  • The existing app download metrics could be improved

So we asked ourselves...

How might we build a low effort, light weight landing page that communicates Fave's value proposition and leads users into downloading our app? 
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